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Dickens' Theatre Company

Welcome to our world of timeless tales and captivating performances! With over four decades of enriching the stage, we are proud to be your go-to theatre company for the finest Charles Dickens mini productions. From the bustling streets of Victorian London to the heartwarming characters that have enchanted audiences for generations, we bring the magic of Dickens to life with our passion and dedication. Join us as we continue to weave these timeless stories into the fabric of our community, celebrating the power of theater to inspire and entertain all who wish to attend!

Meet The Team

Brooke Headshot_edited.jpg

Brooke Sant - Director

With a lifelong passion for theater, Brooke has dedicated 18 years to the enchanting world of the Dickens Christmas Festival, serving as director for the past 4 years. For Brooke, the Festival isn't just about putting on a show – it's about igniting the holiday spirit and bringing joy to audiences young and old. Since marrying her husband in 2014, Brooke has joyfully involved her family in the festivities, creating cherished memories both on and off the stage. Infusing each year with renewed energy and creativity, Brooke draws from her deep-rooted love for theater and unwavering commitment to spreading holiday cheer.

Join Brooke and the Dickens Festival Theatre Company family in celebrating the wonder of the holiday season, as we journey through the timeless tales of Charles Dickens and revel in the spirit of Christmas."

Shannon Headshot_edited.jpg

Shannon Williams - Assistant Director & Music Director

Shannon is thrilled to return for her second year as music director and will be adding the assistant director as an additional role. Having been involved with the Dickens Festival since childhood, these productions hold a special place in her heart. Shannon's deep connection to the Festival and her passion for music shine through in every performance, ensuring each show resonates with holiday magic and joy. Her dedication and enthusiasm bring an unforgettable musical experience to our audiences every year."


Chasta Martin -Choreographer

Chasta is thrilled to return to the Dickens Christmas Festival but this time as choreographer! Christmas is her favorite holiday along with all the joy it brings. She is excited for this new opportunity to share her passion of dance with others as she works alongside fellow actors with the same enthusiasm for Christmastime. She is incredibly thankful for the Dickens Christmas Festival and the wonderful traditions it brings!

11 kaye bair.jpeg

Kaye Bair- Street Theatre Director

Kaye is a dynamic director with a passion for bringing the arts to public spaces.  She has been involved with the Dickens Festival for the past several years and has captivated audiences with her creative visions and dedication to the community.  She has a gift for transforming everyday environments into stages that both inspire and entertain everyone around her. 

2023 Dickens Theatre Cast 

Join us as we journey through the cobblestone streets of old London, encountering beloved characters and timeless stories that warm the soul and ignite the imagination. Whether you're a seasoned theater enthusiast or seeking a festive outing with family and friends, we invite you to become part of our cherished tradition and create lasting memories with the Dickens Theatre Company.

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